A Tribute To The Girl Scouts of America

100 years is no joke. The only reason I know that the Girls Scouts of America are celebrating their 100 year anniversary is because my 14 year old cousin happens to be participating in their anniversary celebration. Looking back, I wish I did more than just fill my pinafore with badges when I was a girl scout. To add to my misery, I was all of 6 or 7 when I started off as a daisy that now the only way to piece back those memories is through my badged pinafore that I proudly hold on to.

Being fascinated by everything business, picking the Girls Scouts, a non-profit doesn’t seem right! But if you are business owner and are looking to run a successful business, here is what you can learn from the Girl Scouts:

1. Thin Mints : Every bite brings pure joy to my world

Sure, the girls scouts has a variety of cookie brands but those thin mints sure are good! I wonder who bagged the coveted cookie supplier role – whoever you are, if you see this, write back – I want to know how you managed to win that contract.

What separates this cookie supplier from all the rest – they gave us the best darn cookies that ever existed. Add a cute saleswoman to the mix – it’s win – win. I don’t think I have ever said no to a girl scout selling me cookies! (I just bought the cookies and then increased my gym payments to include personal training!) This is a lesson in good selling! Thank you Girl Scouts.

2. Unique Charity Ideas

It’s the uniqueness of the Girl Scout’s charitable endeavors that are sooo impressive. Take their 100 year anniversary project – they created something called “birthday in a box”. What does that entail? You create a box of goodies and party supplies for one birthday boy or girl. It’s soo much fun to make these boxes – as I write this post, my family and I just finished putting 18 boxes together.

From a business perspective – I would start a “birthday in a box” business. Think about it, create boxes of ‘to go birthday supplies’. As a parent, you know the pains of birthday shopping, especially when it is last minute. Here, you can just call in – someone will do all the running around and boom – you have a birthday in a box! (Now do I need to patent, trademark or copyright this idea? Oh that’s right ideas can’t be protected. Let me call my bank really quickly!!)

3. Future Business Leaders of America

Look no further for a lesson in leadership than to the Girl Scouts. I recently read a story where two girl scouts were selling cookies on a street corner and a man actually had the audacity to walk up to their table and run away with their money jar. But kid me not (pun intended), these two girls ran after him….caught him and got their money jar back. What I learnt from these girls – Fearlessness, Dedication and to never mess with a Woman Leader. Business 101 guys!!

To 100 more years! (PS: Go grab your thin mints – I hear they are running out and I might have something to do with it!!)




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One response to “A Tribute To The Girl Scouts of America

  1. What a nice tribute to the Girl Scouts of America! I share your love of Thin Mints and agree with all your sentiments!

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